In my last blog post, you may remember I spoke of a few losses our animal family had suffered and some big changes that had taken place in general life over the last few months. There have been some good days, bad days and days that have just flown by without realising they've even happened.

Its taken time to juggle all the adjustments and certain dreams have had to be put on hold now, purely for financial reasons.  Is any of this sounding familiar to you. I know I'm not the only one trapped up in this whirlpool we call life. The key is to stop fighting against the current and start flowing with the tide.

So how do you do this might you ask.......good question. And if I knew the solution I'd be sure to share it.

What I can share though is how I have made it to the light at the end of this dark tunnel.

If you've been following our Facebook and Instagram over the last couple of years you'll know that when it began we were living, eating, breathing dressage. Members of the British dressage Association, we were heading away to competitions on a regular basis and even travelled to the other side of the country to take part in Area Festivals. What an amazing time we were having and then reality hit!

Long story cut short and adulting had taken over, between renting a house, livery for the horses, keeping vehicles on the road and working all the hours under the sun to pay for the said lifestyle, I found myself, often wondering if there was more to life than just paying bills. Of course there is, we weren't born to just work, provide and then die!

So I have taken matters into my own hands. Currently I cant afford to go out competing in dressage at the level Pie and I are capable of, but what I can do is pop along to the local riding club for a play around the odd show jumping course and do a bit of showing. I'm not in a position right now to have weekly lessons with the fabulous instructors that visit this area, but what I can do is allow Pie to use his wealth of knowledge and help others to improve their riding skills (RDA and our sharer, Morgan).

I guess what I'm trying to say is that, to have a more positive mindset and help you become a happier person in general you need to stop dwelling on the things you can't do and start focusing your energy on the things that you can do right now. By all means don't give up on your hopes and dreams, but don't pull yourself down just because they are not reachable at this moment in time.

Believe that you can and you'll open up a whole new world of positive thinking for yourself.


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