I often think to myself that mam has to be running out of crazy ideas for me to do....... Wrong!! I mean how does she even come up with this kind o stuff??? 

She arrives today with some blue pointy things and some giant long curved bow for firing the beggers across the arena  Well I don't know what scared me more, the sound of them pinging off the bow string or the fact that she who feeds was in charge of a lethal weapon without adequate supervision 
If I'm honest I was just waiting for the blooming thing to backfire and take out one o my eyes  now wouldn't that have been a story and a half!!

She recons she'll be galloping along firing the dam things from my back soon.  She's got to learn to hit the freaking target first though HAHA!! Keep practising doll, it'll be a while before your any kind of threat to Robin Hood thats for sure 


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