Time.....something we use and rely on daily. That clock, tick tocks away and very rarely do we sit back and think, that not only is the clock ticking forward but its also counting down. In relation to the universe, we are here on this earth for a very short amount of time. Its very easy to believe (especially in the younger years) that you have all the time I the world to do the things you dream of. When actually you don't! 

The fact is non of us know when its all going to end, when that clock will stop ticking for us and our time will be up. Have you ever found yourself at the stables after a long day at work, promising yourself that you'll ride tomorrow. The next day you do the same and by the end of the week all you've done is shovel endless amounts of horse dung and are still no closer to achieving the goals you've set yourself. 

Or maybe you've actually got in the saddle and been chipping away, with the dream of one day entering a competition or moving up a level with your trusty steed. Yet every time someone asks if your going to do it you find yourself replying “were just not ready yet.”

Here's the thing you'll never be 100% ready to delve into the unknown and there will never be a perfect time climb up into that saddle each day. Don't get me wrong its good to take a break and a rest every now and again but you mustn't stay there.

A few weeks ago our family said goodbye to our first pony. She was out grazing in the field happily that morning and by the evening was being euthanised due to a ruptured heart valve. It was very quick and she passed away surrounded by those who loved her. This came so unexpected to us all, especially my mum who cared for her and had dreams of one day taking her to the beach with the carriage for a yeehaa and a hoolie across the sand. My mum is devastated that this dream will now never come true. There are a lot of shudda woulda coulda's been spoken of right now, but this will never bring that time back and those dreams will never become a reality.


It has really opened my eyes to the fact that this last year I have put my relationship with my own horses on a bit of a back burner, because I've let other things such as work etc get in the way. Work is essential to pay the bills (don't we all know it) but it shouldn't engulf us and stop us from having a life. You ask anyone in their 60's+ if there is anything they would do differently and I bet every single one will tell you that they wish they had done the things they dreamed of when they were younger. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is if you have a dream.....chase it!!

You want to go and enter an Intro dressage test.....do it. If you get a rubbish score, guess what you can work towards a better one at the next show. Want to  try a clear round jumping class....got for it. You might fall off onto your bum and have everyone laughing at you. So what, just hold on tighter at the next jump.

Stop waiting for things to happen or before you know it you'll be sat in a rocking chair with a whole lot of I wish and what ifs.

Time is Precious use it wisely.

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