So on Tuesday we set out on our most recent adventure, and this time is not competition related. I have been uming and ahhing about taking pies shoes of for about a year now. He has always had shoes on with me and with his previous owners, and has always been known for having ridiculously brittle hooves. When I first bought him you'd be lucky to keep a complete set on for a week as he was always loosing one shoe or another. 

I changed his diet in November to a totally natural blend of grass nuts, grass chop and natural minerals (seaweed, linseed, brewers yeast, rosehips etc) and since then he has never looked or performed so well. His hooves have become much stronger and he can now hold shoes for up to 10 weeks if necessary (with the rising cost of having the farrier out I have been guilty of leaving them this long to save a bit of cash, much to the detriment of his hooves )

I have now seen the light and developed a flicker of common sense and took the shoes off his back hooves. The front ones will come off in a few months time after he's adjusted behind and I shall then have two ponies living barefoot all year round. Then, maybe my wallet will hopefully have a few more notes in it....... Haha who am I kidding these horses will just make me spend it on carrots instead  

I'll keep you all in the loop of how his transitioning is going but after two days (touch wood) all is well in the HP  hoof department 

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