Ok so this morning I went for my 2nd ride on Winnie, we had a little warm up in the indoor school and then ventured outside for a play with some show jumps 😄

It’s weird riding something else as The Baked Bean is a lot smaller and they both ride completely different so please excuse my position in some of the clips/pics 🙈

Anyhoo, she has jumped a lot higher than what I’ve jumped her today and she is also used to a more experienced rider so I wasn’t reeeeeally sure how it was going to go (especially without Laura her owner there)! She jumped beautifully and admittedly we did knock a few poles in the beginning as I was riding like a turd 🙄 but I got my lady balls and we jumped some bigger fences. I’m excited about competing her and getting her fitter!

I’ve made a short video below which involves no talking or anything fancy 🙈 because I’m lazy and my face is minging 🤓

Oh yeh she also has poop stains on her... I don’t think I’m mentally prepared to ride a grey 🙄 that’s why I’ve always had bays or chestnuts 🤣 #TooLazyForAGreyPony

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