Ok so I’ve literally had the BEST morning ever!!

I met with The Baked Bean’s owner and we went for some Show Jumping practise at Knightswood Stud and Equestrian Centre.

I was bricking it, I’m not going to lie... I’ve only really jumped Harold less than a handful of times AND I’ve not jumped a course since April!

We started off at about 70cm and then Amy popped them up to 80 with fillers... we then completed that.

We then had a swap and we whacked the fences up so Amy could have a go, I liked the look of one particular 90 fence so we had another jockey swap.

Once I got on, I felt a bit sick 🤣🙈 as I’ve not jumped 90 for about 4 months! Anyways Harry absolutely cleared it, it wasn’t a problem at all for him... it’s all in my bloody head.

Amy then suggested that we popped it up to a 95 and we flew it!

And then WE JUMPED 1METRE!!!! 😱😱
Yes I am aware that it’s only ONE fence and doesn’t really count for much, but on the inside I’m like a little happy firework that’s broken through the confidence barrier, I can’t wait to be back to my old self!

I’ve not jumped 1m since the BRC Championships in September! So I kinda felt a bit emotional after 🙈

It’s ridiculous how being out of the circuit can really knock your confidence, this time last year I was popping 1.10! Now a 90 scares the pants off of me.

Thank you Amy for the confidence boost and helping me find my ladyballs again!

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