Took Ali to Falmouth Horse Show at Colraine Equestrian Centre last Sunday, in the BS Club 90.

I saw the contenders on the sheet and felt rather inferior 🙈
We warmed up and Ali was a little sleepy from standing in the sunshine.

Walked the course and I can't remember the 90 ever looking so big, especially the second half when it's put up to 1m for the timed section!

Before we even started I got told off for not having my Jacket in the arena, we aren't used to BS rules 🙈 thankfully a friend saved the day and let me borrow hers so we could compete

We went in and Ali didn't really like the look of the first fence BUT we jumped it, he was then automatically knew at Jump 7 you up the speed and he just flew around, we threw in a sneaky tight turn and jumped the last fence with our eyes closed hoping that we went clear! And we did!

We also WON the class!!!! Rosette from Colraine That Sassy Arab
It must've been my new Kingsland Gloves and snazzy House of Montar shirt from the very amazing Equissimo 🍀

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