Today we had the British Riding Clubs Festival Of The Horse Qualifiers.

As you know Ali is off on rest so I’ve been riding ChyMay owned by Julie Watts, we’ve only been show jumping once and never been XC together until today!

Holy Moses! Didn’t she give me a ride today! We were a little slow in the show jumping as it’s the first time I’ve jumped her on grass 🙈 we managed to roll a pole and got 2 time faults...

We then stormed into the XC course and jeeeeesus that mare knows her job!
She absolutely flew round but unfortunately we had a slip at the ski slope which was downhill, this caused us to almost slide past the fence on our bottoms!! We represented to the fence and then carried on, jumping the rest clear and in a very fast time too!


As a team we got 3rd place!! I’ve had the most amazing day and I’m so thankful that May looked after me so well 🖤 thank you Julie for letting me ride such a beauty.


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