What does that even mean? I was having a little think today about what makes somebody a good rider?

Is it their ability to stay in the saddle?

Is it the amount of competitions they win?

Is it the work they put in?

Is it someone doing well on a pre-made horse?

Is it someone working their way up through the ranks?

It’s a term that’s used for a variety of people but what exactly are you referring too?

Sometimes the horses are doing it all for us, does that mean you’re a good rider because you’re winning a lot or are you just on a good horse?

I’ve ridden a variety of horses and I’ve had a massive number of falls - some more serious than others. I’ve ridden horses that have come back from sales, horses that have absolutely annihilated me out hacking or schooling, I’ve ridden horses that know their job and I’ve ridden horses that don’t.

I can ride, I’m not saying that I’m amazing but I can get over a course of show jumps and I can ride a XC course. Is a good rider someone who can master all 3 disciplines? Because we all know how much I love dressage.... I’d like to be able to do it, I just can’t and that mental block is what’s stopping me from achieving anything with my flat work.

I personally think and it is MY personal opinion - a good rider is somebody who treats their horse in an appropriate manner, a lot of people can judge a rider with something that they are doing but surely the rider knows their horse better than anyone else. A good rider is someone who can almost stick in the saddle and treating any mishaps in a kind way.

I would be interested in hearing anyone else’s view on ‘What make someone a good rider’

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I can walk trot and sort of canter, which is good, but not when you’ve been riding good horses for about 5 years 😂


The ability to communicate with the horse you are working with and riding 😁


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