Yesterday I had my first EVER sit in an actual dressage saddle 😍

Julie from Chytan Horses put me through my paces and gave me a flatwork lesson on ChyMay, every part of the seat felt completely unnatural to me and the ‘show jumper’ kept creeping out! My feet felt so far away from my body  and where were the wings and poles??!

We did was serpentines, 20m, 10m circles and a cantering.... I then decided to work on trotting and halting with no Stirrups as part of #NoStirrupNovember 🤣🤣 it was rather entertaining

It’s amazing how you realising how you lack confidence in yourself in disciplines, throw me at a 4ft show jump or XC fence and I’d happily kick on and get over it, but flatwork makes me feel like I have no idea what I’m doing or how to ride at all! I would most definitely want to work on it a bit more... and friends that know me will be rather shocked to hear this 🙈🙊

It’s also safe to say I’m incredibly flatwork unfit and stairs are my enemy today! Who needs a gym huh?!?

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