Well, we survived our first 90 One Day Event (ODE)! .... JUST!🙈

We were rather excitable in our dressage and the marks ranged from 6.5-5...we even managed our first ever 4  ... 'Transition down the centre Line' which was supposed to be in working trot, Ali decided it would be an appropriate place to canter!

Dressage Halt That Sassy ArabDressage walk That Sassy Arab

So with a bad start we went on to the show jumping, which thankfully we went clear on! Nice easy 9 jumps in a simple figure of 8.

Showjumping That Sassy Arab

Then... the cross country, Ali was up for it and dragged me around the course, he didn't look at anything.
He jumped in the water and out, 2 ditches and lots of skinny fences. We had a sideways canter and trot into the splash and over the flower pot, nothing pretty but fab, we were clear so far....

BUT jump 13 caught us, from nowhere, without a stride to spare, Ali decided he was going to stop dead at the Trakehner so I turned him and we tried again.... Nah ah Nope!

So after a big telling off he cleared it and finished the rest of the course. We could've really done without those 60 penalties and time faults 😫
The silver lining is, we came 12th! And beat 2 others  we didn't come last!!!

Momentarily I was so disappointed in us both, I was truly gutted at the cross country and had an internal paddy.

But then I remembered how far we have actually come as a partnership in the last year and a half. This time last year we were jumping 70-80cm, now we are representing our club jumping 90-95cm at the BRC Championships in Lincoln. Plus it's our first ever attempt at a 90 ODE and Ali's 3rd ever ODE.

We both also came home uninsured and safely 💙 sometimes it's too easy to be hard on ourselves.

That Sassy Arab Showjumping

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