First show of 2018 ✔️ DONE

As you know (because I’ve mentioned it 100000 Times) Ali has been off through injury so today we attempted our first course in 4 months 🙈

We went in the 70 as it is Colraine Equestrian Centre and they do build up to height, I’m glad I stuck with my decision because the 80 would’ve been far too much so early on as we rattled a fence or two.

It was single phase which was even better as I am pretty rubbish at remembering a #jumpoff 

Anyhow... I went through most of the morning with my stomach contents in my mouth and the shakes to go with it, after having a break from competing really does quite knock your confidence!

Off to get warmed up and had the obligatory bucks etc etc etc, then went down to wait for our turn.

We are called in and my heart rate went from 63 to 128 (I had my Fitbit UK & Ireland on just too see what would happen and how nerves affect your HR) 🙈

#Buzzzz goes the bell and we are off, Ali was literally back to his old self, it’s like he has never been away! We rattled a fence or two BUT they stayed up, we then finished our timed section in 37 secs 😁

We waited for the results and we got a lovely red frilly 🥇❤️ at least we know so far Ali hasn’t lost his #mojo

It was also the first time competing in my sparkly new House of Montarjacket which was a Christmas gift from Equissimo 🖤 it’s super comfy and I hope it keeps being our good luck charm! Get yours here

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