This years BETA excelled 2018s, it’s something I really look forward to each year. It’s definitely worth the drive from Cornwall!
I was on a tight schedule this year, I had Arena Eventing Training on Princess Brian at 13.30 on the Saturday and I was hoping to leave for Coventry by 16.00 - it was touch and go but I managed to hit the road by 15.50 😱

I drove as fast as a could (not over 74 mph as my van has a speed limiter on it *sigh), so I managed to get to Gloucestershire for my first pee stop before hitting the road again. The other girls were already waiting at the hotel and I needed to hurry myself up so we could all eat!

Literally driving on the M5 is the most surreal thing ever, especially when you’re a country bumpkin and used to country roads!!
Anyhow, I got there just after 20.00 and I finally got to meet the other members of #TeamEquissimo who I talk to most days but never actually seen in real life so that was something pretty special. They are just as weird face to face as they are online 🙈🤣

I think the excitement of seeing new products and meeting with directors of companies is what I like the most.
My favourite part was meeting with House Of Montar as I’ve heard so much about their bridles and leather work. Too actually touch the leather and feel the quality is just something else, I’m quite the sceptic at times but I can genuinely say that they are absolutely beautiful quality.
I’m a huge Montar fan and most of my equestrian outfits will include at least one item of theirs, so to see what I could possibly be buying for the up and coming season filled me with a lot of happiness.

Montar leatherwork

There’s a lot to look at up there so you do need to give yourself plenty of time, and remember to take a bag as you’re guaranteed to pick up a lot of freebies!!
The hardest part is not being able to buy anything on the day, and having to wait months for it to be released 🙈

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Great blog, and done fab advice for anyone who may one day be lucky to go as part of #TeamEquissimo or through other ways ☺️

Lucie Jones

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