Today I tried my Kingsland Classic Riding Gloves.

Kingsland Classic Riding Gloves EquissimoKingsland Classic Riding Gloves

I can't even believe how comfy these gloves are. I was able to tack up and do buckles whilst wearing them unlike my other gloves that annoyingly have me taking them on and off everytime I need to do something fiddily.

During the warm up i realised how much lighter it made me in the hand as I didn't have to grip so hard because I could be confident that the reins wouldn't slip through my fingers and allowed to have a great feel of the horses mouth.

They are so light on your hands, i forgot that I had them on when it came to cooling my horse down, so they got a soaking too, and they dry so quickly!

We won our showjumping class too! I'll be wearing them at all our competitions from now on.

Kingsland Classic Riding Gloves Equissimo

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