Soooo being a country bumpkin from Cornwall, the thought of travelling solo 360 miles did make me shudder a little. The furthest I’ve ever driven was Birmingham when I went to BETA. 
The drive was easy and I didn’t even get lost (yay me)! 
Arrived at the Equissimo hub and experienced my first proper YORKSHIRE pudding.. oh my! 
The following day we went on a day trip to Leeds - holy Moses! I thought Plymouth was big 🤣 we went to a variety of shopping centres and it was like a different world, then we went to a place called the Alchemist which served the most amazing cocktails known to man!
Back to the Equissimo hub and caught some kip for our early start to Manchester Airport on Tuesday.
Again I was just walking around with my gob wide open as that place was massive 🙈 I’ve never seen an armed police officer either - so when I saw them walking around I was like eeeeek! (Yes remember I’m from Cornwall)
Anyhow we got on the place and decided that we’d have a rather nutritional breakfast of Prosecco and Pringles, it was a rather good start to the day.
We landed in Treviso airport and then got driven to the Animo HQ which you can read about in my other blog 
After our time there was over we caught the train to Venice. If you’ve never been to Venice then you need to be prepared to walk and walk! We found our hotel eventually (praise the lord for google maps), how people navigated around there without a phone in the past is beyond me! Our room was umm interesting... material padded walls in gold and red - I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.
We then headed out for food and we mostly ate Pizza and drank wine or beer (in fact I think we had pizza for every meal). Finding our hotel again was good fun, I’ve decided Venice is a labyrinth.
Leaving day had come and we caught a bus to the airport and boarded our flight. 
We arrived back in Manchester and travelled back to the Equissimo hub.
Originally I wasn’t going to drive home until the Friday but as there was a storm coming AND it was Boardmasters weekend in Newquay I decided that it’d be best to travel through the night. 
It was a MISSION and driving on the M5 at 30mph wasn’t great fun but as you couldn’t physically see the road through the rain it was the Safest option - I arrived home at 2.20am and crawled into bed.
I had the best time and I can’t thank Equissimo enough for this opportunity 

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