Apologies it’s been rather quiet in Sassy Rider land, I’ve been having bit of a tough week.
I had the most wonderful time at Badminton but as soon as I got home reality stuck that there’s a possibility that I’ll be horseless for quite a while. I feel like there’s just a hole in my heart and it’s going to take a while to be repaired.

As it stands, the decision is to turn Ali away for the rest of the summer and let him have a happy early retirement.
I’m devastated but I feel that’s what is best for Ali.
He’s given me the best couple of seasons, he even gave me the opportunity to compete at the BRC National Show Jumping Championships last year, which I’ll always thank him for as I know that may not ever happen again.

Thank you all for being so kind and I apologise if I’m not as active for the next few weeks.

Goodbye to Ali That Sassy Rider

Ok soooo I’ve been waiting to give Brian (Ali’s owner) this drawing for aaaaages! But I got injured so I hadn’t been able to get to the yard, well today I took it up there and it was literally everything I could ask for 

Thank you so much Laura Mary Art for capturing Ali so perfectly, and making our part gift such a special one 

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