We ventured done to Colraine Equestrian Centre for a play today. I saw the drawn order and pooped myself a little as there were 19 competitors in the 90.

As they only do placings up to 3rd, the pressure really is on not to even tap a pole in the fear that it'll fall.

We warmed up and went 2nd to last in the class and thankfully went clear

That Sassy Arab Showjumping

There was only one other clear so it was a battle of first and second place, the other competitor knocked the first fence but had a very fast time! So we decided to go around steadily and hope for the best. We went clear in a respectable time of 36secs.

That Sassy Arab Showjumping

Not only were we the ONLY double clear out of 19 riders, we also QUALIFIED for Cricklands

That Sassy Arab Red Ribbon

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