Now I've finally dried off and warmed up after today's absolutely horrid weather, I can write about my day!

First of all, I woke up and it was LASHING it down... and yet we still decided to go competing 🙈

We arrived at Resparveth, and Ali just was not really interested in getting wet, he refused to get out of the trailer he wouldn't even let me put his boots on! After a dance and a prance, I won the battle and he wore his Kentucky Horsewear boots.

Entered up for the 90, warmed up and went into the ring... out the starting box and bosh... down goes the first jump of the course. Then a communication error caused us to go around in a circle on the spot. We continued around the course and then got another 2 poles down, leaving us with 12 faults!

Ali was more concerned about the rain on his face so in pretty sure he went around with his eyes closed thankfully we still got a rosette as their were only 5 of us in the class so yes... we came last.

Then I thought I'd enter Mr Sassy pants into the 1m class too, because that's what you do when you're already riding around in a wet bra 🙈

We seemed to jump slightly better, and we were on the show jumping phase and Ali stops DEAD, refuses, goinks me square in the face and the bottom pole falls down... that got put back up and we approached it again .. he flew it!
Results came out and we came away with 3rd place and a lovely bit of prize money

What I've learnt is...
Don't jump in the Cornish Mizzle, Ali is far too important for this jumping malarkey in the rain, I should've known better

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