I have my smile back  although I look rather pained here... 
(I was sweating like a pig after my lesson)

Today I went to see the Baked Bean and had a full on flat work lesson with Becky at TB Equestrian, literally it just felt amazing!

What I’m REALLY enjoying is that I don’t know Harry at all, like, I’ve ridden him what... 5 times in total; so I’m loving the fact that we are learning about each other at the same time. I can already feel a bond beginning to grow with him and I can’t wait to sit on him again.

I’ve never really been interested in flatwork but I actually enjoyed it today, I felt a huge sense of achievement and I am beaming from ear to ear 😁

There was only a little bit of pain in my ankle so I could really push myself today and just forget about my injury, it was also a good chance to test of my House of Montar Rebel riding tights and they were super comfy! They kept my legs cool too which was a bonus as it was proper humid today!

Tomorrow I’m going up to hack him out which I can’t wait to do as I’ve not ever ridden him outside of a sand school!


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