Oh Em Gee!!

We have successfully accomplished our first ever show Jumping lesson!
I am literally BEAMING from ear to ear, and I’m so happy that I didn’t end up on the floor .

Harry Heinz was an absolute diamond and he didn’t really mind that an absolute out of practice goon was on his back! 
It’s amazing how 8 weeks without jumping properly can really mess you up, I forgot where to put my hands, my shoulders, my arse but after a few pops I finally got it back.
What I found the most difficult is how different to Ali he is, not only have I lost my confidence, I’m almost learning it all again but this time on a completely new horse. This is the first time we’ve jumped properly and it could’ve gone completely wrong, but it didn’t, I remembered that I’m not a bleddy wuss.. and I wore my lady balls again!
Hopefully next time we can up the ante and get working on the height 

Thank you Becky for kicking my arse today, I can’t wait until the next one... hopefully by then I’ll remember what left and right is 

Now I’ve had a proper little play I’m even more excited about getting out on a courses

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