One of the perks of being a Brand Ambassador for Equissimo is the fantastic opportunities that are available, it’s not every day that you’re invited to fly over to look at one of the most elegant and extravagant Equestrian brands in the world.
Of course I snapped up the opportunity as Animo are one of my most favourite brands. We flew over from Manchester and was chauffeured from Treviso airport straight to the Animo Head Quarters, which in itself is the most beautiful building - it looks like a very modern fortress sporting it’s own water feature outside.
We were greeted by Alberto the founder of Animo and Federico who is a rep for the company, we were treated to a spot of lunch before looking at the two brands inside the Head Quarters. The Anna Scarpati Brand is a part of the Animo group, their attention to detail and the selection of materials that they use with the knowledge of Amino keeps up with all the latest fashion but at a lower price point. We had a look at 2020 items which were absolutely stunning - there are a lot of VERY exciting things to come.
Anna Scarpati sparkle and shine but they don’t use Swarovski crystals like Animo.
After viewing the samples for next year we were given a tour of the factory, which is huge! I wasn’t aware that everything Animo is made in the building - it is 100% made in Italy to the most highest standard. There were shelves and shelves of binding for the saddle pads and the rugs, then a VERY sparkly section for the real Swarovski crystals that they use on their products.
On day two we had our meeting with Federico and he showed us the 2020 summer range.... and wow! I genuinely have no words for the absolute beauty of what’s to come. There’s something for everyone and the variety is outstanding. I had the opportunity to try some of the new products on and the feeling of pure quality on me was just incredible. The prices most definitely reflect the work, quality and standard of the products, you get what you pay for - and with Animo that’s a very well finished product that not only looks to die for, but also performs.
This section was taken from Animo’s website:
The philosophy of Animo enclosed in a single page. Section #animois expresses the essence of the brand through simple but strong expression and thoughts
Elegance is a way of being. It’s a mix of personality, taste, education, class and mystery
Creativity is intuition, passion, talent. Creativity breaks the rules
Be always yourself and you will find your heaven all over the world
Fun is a serious matter. Live with fun and you will be successful!
After seeing the majority of their stock, it’s safe to say that they abide by every one of their #ANIMOIS hash tags.
I’m genuinely excited for you all to see what’s in store for 2020 and a huge thanks to Animo and Equissimo for the opportunity to see it exclusively 

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