Beat the heat

We have a range of items for both horse and rider designed to keep you cool throughout the summer months.

From luxury brands such as Kentucky Horsewear, Kingsland Equestrian, Mark Todd, Equi-n-Ice, Montar and KEP italia. This range of products feature clever and unique design features all focused on you or your horses comfort.

For the rider we have breeches, Polo shirts, socks and helmets.

For you horse we have rugs, boots, therapy products and saddlepads.



Equi-N-Ice icesocks Sold out
From Equi-N-Ice, this pair of socks is perfect for drawing heat out of tendons after work, or inflammation after injury. The unique high-tech, 4-way stretch fabric allows complete joint mobility, while giving a perfect close fit without the danger of...
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Kentucky horsewear saddle pad. Equissimo Sold out
Free Delivery across the UK mainland! From Kentucky Horsewear, the saddle pad absorb is ideal for both everyday and competition use. Available with or without the Kentucky Horsewear logo The Kentucky Horsewear technology ensures the pad is cushioned while remaining...
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Equi-N-Ice coolant

Equi-N-Ice Coolant

£10.00 +


  • 250ml
  • 500ml
  • 1 lt
  • 2.5lt
From Equi-N-Ice, this coolant recharges the equi-n-ice bandage, icesocks and cooler rug. It works by drawing heat out rather than driving cold in. It requires no refrigeration, is not messy, needs no mixing and has no unpleasant smells. The treated...
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Kentucky Horsewear Air Tech Eventing Boots


  • Cob
  • Full
From Kentucky Horsewear, the Air Tech Eventing Boot is unique to other eventing boots as it contains 5 layers, to give your horse the ultimate in protection. Layer 1 On the inside there is a breathable knitted lining which is soft against...
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Kentucky Horsewear Air Tech Overreach Boots


  • M
  • L
  • XL
From Kentucky Horsewear the Air Tech Over Reach Boots offer excellent protection for your horse. The Air Tech Over Reach Boots provide excellent shock absorption and protection against over reaches due to the shock absorbing gel. Compact and stylish. Strong...
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Kentucky Horsewear Achilles Gel Socks


  • 36-41
  • 42-46
From Kentucky Horsewear, The Achilles Gel Socks are a lightweight riding sock with added protection around the achilles area. These socks have a multitude of uses. They are a helpful sock for horse riders breaking in new boots as the...
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Kentucky Horsewear 3D Spacer Turnout Boot


  • Front
  • Hind
From Kentucky Horsewear the 3D Spacer turnout boot is an multi functional boot which is an ideal supportive boot for either riding or turnout. These boots benefit from a unique structure to protect your horses legs and provide shock absorption....
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KEP Smart Helmet

KEP Smart Helmet



  • 51
  • 52
  • 53
  • 54
  • 55
  • 56
  • 57
  • 58
  • 59
  • 60
  • 61
  • 62
Free delivery on UK mainland orders! Recently launched by KEP Italia and conceived for riders who are looking for a value KEP Italia hat with 5 safety certifications and the typical KEP Italia quality standards.        All KEP Italia hats conform to...
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Equi-N-Ice stable pack
From Equi-N-Ice this convenient pack is ideal for keeping on the yard as part of your first aid kit. Contains 2 x equi-n-ice cooling bandages and 1 x 500ml coolant in a see-through zipped bag.
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Equi-N-Ice rapid cooler rug
From Equi-N-Ice, this cooling rug is made from coolmax, known for its cooling properties and used to reduce skin temperature in human athletes. Includes rug, protective bag and bottle of coolant  Designed as an alternative to conventional sweat rugs, once...
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Equi-N-Ice bandages Sold out
From Equi-N-Ice, this equine wrap helps reduce soreness and swelling in tendons and ligaments whilst also speeding recovery. Once used it can be washed and reused by adding enough ready mixed coolant to make the bandage damp and replacing in...
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Kentucky Horsewear Towel Rug


  • M (5'9 - 6'3)
  • L (6'6 - 7'0)
From Kentucky Horsewear this towel rug is the super fast way to dry your horse after exercise or bathing. The towel fabric is  a 100% microfibre polyester fabric that pulls the water from the inside to the out. Features a...
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Kentucky Horsewear Cooler Fleece Horse Scarf
From Kentucky Horsewear this fleece cooler scarf has been designed to protect your horses back from cold weather, making it ideal for competition horses. Its light and breathable fabric makes it ideal for cooling down horses after exercise, drying horses...
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Kingslnad Kenai saddlepad 70% off


  • Full
From Kingsland this beautiful saddle pad is breathable and and features a coolmax lining. The coolmax lining wicks moisture away from your horses back, it is quick drying and helps keep your horse cool and comfortable under saddle. The stunning...
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