Christmas Stocking Fillers

Take a look at our fantastic range of Christmas stocking fillers for both you and your horse.


Kentucky horsewear sheepskin headcollar black from Equissimo 25% off


  • Pony
  • Cob
  • Full
Free delivery across the UK mainland! From Kentucky Horsewear, this nylon headcollar is a fully synthetic halter ideal for horses that are sensitive to traditional halters.  The synthetic sheepskin benefits from being machine washable while remaining comfortable. The halter is...
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Kentucky Horsewear Achilles Gel Socks 25% off


  • 36-41
  • 42-46
From Kentucky Horsewear, The Achilles Gel Socks are a lightweight riding sock with added protection around the achilles area. These socks have a multitude of uses. They are a helpful sock for horse riders breaking in new boots as the...
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Kentucky Horsewear Velvet Cap 25% off
From Kentucky Horsewear, this baseball cap is soft and luxurious and matches perfectly the Kentucky Horsewear Velvet Saddlepad  The cap is machine washable at 30 and available in three colours and two different designs - choose between the stamped leather...
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Montar Rain Ball - Rain Poncho
Montar Rain Ball contains a rain poncho which you can easily carry around. The poncho is stored in a small plastic ball which has a keyring on to attach to yourself or your bag.  The poncho is transparent with a...
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