Equi N Ice

Equi-N-icE Coolant is used with either the Equi-N-icE Bandages or the Rapid Cooler Rug, to recharge for another use.

The Coolant is available as a pouring bottle, which is easy to use to refresh the Rug or Bandage ready for next use.



Equi-N-Ice icesocks Sold out
From Equi-N-Ice, this pair of socks is perfect for drawing heat out of tendons after work, or inflammation after injury. The unique high-tech, 4-way stretch fabric allows complete joint mobility, while giving a perfect close fit without the danger of...
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Equi-N-Ice coolant

Equi-N-Ice Coolant

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  • 250ml
  • 500ml
  • 1 lt
  • 2.5lt
From Equi-N-Ice, this coolant recharges the equi-n-ice bandage, icesocks and cooler rug. It works by drawing heat out rather than driving cold in. It requires no refrigeration, is not messy, needs no mixing and has no unpleasant smells. The treated...
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Equi-N-Ice stable pack
From Equi-N-Ice this convenient pack is ideal for keeping on the yard as part of your first aid kit. Contains 2 x equi-n-ice cooling bandages and 1 x 500ml coolant in a see-through zipped bag.
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Equi-N-Ice rapid cooler rug
From Equi-N-Ice, this cooling rug is made from coolmax, known for its cooling properties and used to reduce skin temperature in human athletes. Includes rug, protective bag and bottle of coolant  Designed as an alternative to conventional sweat rugs, once...
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Equi-N-Ice bandages Sold out
From Equi-N-Ice, this equine wrap helps reduce soreness and swelling in tendons and ligaments whilst also speeding recovery. Once used it can be washed and reused by adding enough ready mixed coolant to make the bandage damp and replacing in...
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