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Kentucky horsewear sheepskin pastern wrap. Free UK Delivery
From Kentucky Horsewear the sheepskin pastern wrap offers a lightweight and breathable protection against knocks, injury, rubbing or chaffing to the vulnerable pastern area of the leg. It also looks smart and is embroidered with the Kentucky Horsewear logo. These...
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Woof Wear pastern wraps Sold out

Woof Wear Pastern Wraps

£9.00 £12.00

From Woof Wear, these pastern wraps are a very simple yet effectively designed item. These wraps provide additional protection to the pastern that boots and bandages cannot provide. sold in pairs breathable neoprene unlimited strap adjustment Shop the full range...
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Kentucky Horsewear Wash Bags 25% off

Kentucky Horsewear Wash Bag

£16.50 £22.00

From Kentucky Horsewear these Washing Bags are an essential for all Kentucky Horsewear product lovers. They help protect your favourite items in the washing machine. Made from a unique breathable mesh material, they let washing powder/soap and water flow easily...
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