Rescue Studs

There is nothing worse than setting off to compete and being unsure if your studs will hold in. Having prepared yourself for a competition, you need reassurance that everything is in good order. Until now, there has been no remedy to the problem without farrier intervention, requiring your farrier to replace the shoe with a new one, or drilling a new stud hole. This can be costly and detrimental to your horse’s foot.

Rescue studs have eliminated any such worries. Innovative design and precision engineering process provides a solution to a problem, one that has been around for decades. It will tighten up into the loosest of stud holes and can also be fitted in to a new, fresh stud hole.

It has a unique slot that will enable you to tighten the stud with a coin or anything you have to hand, in case it loosens seconds before you enter your class or competition. Somehow, unbelievably, this problem has been overlooked until now. It has been a long but enjoyable process creating this solution and it’s very exciting that now it’s here! The only rescue remedy for loose stud holes and an absolute necessity to have a selection in your stud kit.

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