Saddle cloths and pads

Ensure your horse is as comfortable as possible with our premium range of saddle cloths and pads.

Our ranges offer superior performance in keeping your horse cool under saddle in the hottest weather and providing excellent support and comfort to your horses back.

We have ranges from Kentucky Horsewear which specialise in absorption and technical comfort and Kingsland Equestrian which offer superb style and fit.


Kentucky Horsewear Intelligent half pad
Free UK mainland delivery From Kentucky Horsewear, this intelligent absorb half pad is available in two different widths. Thin - 15mm thick Thick - 32mm thick This half pad has Kentucky Horsewear memory foam inside to ensure your horses comfort....
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Gel-Eze Shaped Saddle Pad
From Gel-Eze this shock absorbing gel pad has superb impact absorption qualities and reduces the risk of back and wither injury. It is lightweight and discreet and is perforated to allow air flow. It is non-toxic, washable, reusable and environmentally...
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