Brand Ambassador Ally

You can read more about Ally and her four horses on her blog

Hello, I’m Ally, the face behind The Life Equestrian. I am a 27 year old amateur rider based in Warwickshire. I have two jobs that I run alongside each other. I’m an owner/manager of a livery yard that I’m lucky enough to run at home, I currently have 12 liveries, from DIY to part livery, with riding as an option. I then have my small company, Wagtail and Willow, I make both cushions with animals on and bespoke pet cushions, as well as lots of odd sewing things in between.

I own 4 horses, two retried mares that are living out their lives at grass with their retired cob friend. Then I have two youngsters, full brother and sister that are both homebred. Bumble will be 6 this year and Luna 4, so far I have done everything with them myself, from halter training all the way through to backing and producing. I’ve taken it slow with both of them, they have needed the time to grow and get strong, and I never want to rush that.

2019 will see Bumble’s first year of competition and I’m really excited to have the support of such a fantastic company, equissimo! I hope to be out doing both dressage and showjumping with the aim, if he’s ready, to do a one day event at the end of the season. I have only just backed Luna and so far so good, and we’ve already been for a few hacks round the farm. I aim to bring her on slowly though the summer, to be doing walk, trot, canter confidently before she goes on a break over winter to mature and reflect on all that she has learnt - well that’s the plan anyway!

I would love for you all to join us on this journey from foal, to youngster, to competition horse, with lots of ups and downs, thrills and spills and fun along the way!

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