Brand Ambassador Caty

You can follow Caty and Sox on her Equissimo blog

Hello Equissians!

My name is Caty Macaulay and I am the proud owner of a spritely 22 year old Irish Draught X Thoroughbred called Sox.

We’re two amateurs competing at Prelim dressage with the ultimate goal to ride an Elementary test before Sox’s retirement.

Sox has been a friend of mine since 2003, when he belonged to my first riding instructor. As a child you always look up to your riding instructor, and I was no different, I wanted a horse as beautifully striking as Sox.

A lot happened in between the time of meeting and finally owning Sox but we’ve always worked our way back to one another.

What little girls don’t always realise is just how difficult, big and beautiful ponies can sometimes be… No matter their age.

Which was why I felt the need to document our journey online. So in May 2018 I finally set up our own Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channel, where we share product reviews, home life, competitions, preparation along with the various ups and downs we face along our path.

Join us! Here on Equissimo is where we will share product reviews so that you know what will work best for you and your horse. 

You can follow Caty on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and YOUTUBE