Brand Ambassador Michelle

Based in the county of Norfolk, Michelle has two horses, Lux and Rolo

Together Michelle and Lux compete at county level showing. Rolo is still a baby and is starting out in a career of showjumping. 

Michelle was born and raised around Avon/Gloucestershire. After deciding that she didn’t want to be a riding instructor after all she described herself as "bummed around in random jobs from call centres to insurance" before falling into work in the ambulance service in 2005. She completed her paramedic science degree and graduated in 2011. She has one fab son who’s 14.

Michelle has had Lux 3 years, and would love him to be able to carry on showing at whatever level he is comfortable with. They will carry on doing some of the bigger shows but Lux has a fear of men which if he can't get over will mean they stick to unaffiliated showing. Rolo is a new horse who "jumps like a machine", she would love to take him up through the levels but because he’s so big and gangly he is going to take a while to produce properly.

Michelle - Wing and a Prayer Equestrian

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For updates on Michelle, Lux and Rolo visit their Equissimo Blog page.