Brand Ambassador Steff

Steff and Pie live up in Scotland and take part in a wide variety of activities. From carriage driving to showjumping from dressage to swimming in the sea, this pair do a bit of everything.

Steff was born in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. At the age of 10 my mum became sick of me saying I was bored and sent her to the local riding school to volunteer. She didn't realise it at the time but that day would change Steff's life.

From then on she spent every possible moment at the stables and would often scrounge rides on the naughty ponies as her parents couldn't afford lessons.

Steff moved to Scotland when she was 12 and had her heart set on becoming a riding instructor. After 2 years of college and passing BHS exams, she spent a few years working in centres and also Groomed in a showjumping yard and for a top carriage driver.

She loved the horses but not the people she worked for. Despite putting her heart and soul into each job she was constantly met with unreasonable work hours and barely enough money to get by.

She came away from the equestrian industry and worked on a couple of dairy farms before being offered an instructor job in Dubai. 

Ending that journey sent her on the path of another in finding Pie and from there they have excelled together.

 Steff The Adventures of Huckleberry Pie

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