Kingsland Classic Crown Gloves

I’m not usually one to wear my competition gloves on a day to day basis but a combination of...

1) These being new and thoroughly believing the superstition that you should never use anything ‘new’ for the first time at a show
2) Their arrival coincided perfectly with the loss of my everyday gloves

It goes without saying that they are very easy on the eye. A simple pair of white gloves maybe but the subtle grey logo makes me smile and the shiny, white stretch material glistens in the sunshine. Of course being white it’s inevitable that they will of course end up dirty, usually after one ride if you’re anything like me. Being fully machine washable and quick drying leaves me confident that I could stick them in the wash that night and they would be ready for round two the next day.

They are super stretchy; I liken the material to a stretchy show hood. They might not sound all that durable but fear not, they are padded and have synthetic leather in all the right places. Plus, if a show hood can escape unharmed after going into battle with Rem, then these gloves should certainly serve you well and become your faithful glove partner for a very long while.

They are incredibly lightweight. No one enjoys a bulky glove, you end up with just as much glove in your hand as you do rein.

Kingsland Classic Crown Gloves

We are currently residing in Costa Del Chichester and with temperatures in the high 20’s/early 30’s a feature that’s worth noting is just how breathable they are. We’ve all experienced that post ride glove peel. Are we taking off just gloves or is in fact a layer of our sweaty skin coming with us?! My hands are bone dry when I ride in these, even after a 2 hour hack aboard a temperamental cob who often pulls like a locomotive.

I wear a 7.5 and I opted for a Large but I could have gone for a Medium for that ultra slim fit, second skin feeling.

They are exceptional to wear and ride in and do everything they say on the tin. Well, more in fact; I don’t believe they are sold as touchscreen but an added bonus is that they work very well with my phone!

Kingsland Classic Crown Gloves

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