Shop our range of beautiful rugs from Kentucky Horsewear and Kingsland Equestrian. Made to the highest standards, these rugs will keep your horse warm and dry throughout the coldest months.

We have ranges of stable rugs, turnout rugs, under rugs and fleeces.


Kentucky Horsewear Walker Bib Winter Black Sold out
From Kentucky Horsewear, these bibs help prevent rubs from your horses rugs on the chest. Made to Kentucky's usual high standards, available in summer and winter versions. The winter version features a fleece trim and artificial rabbit skin lining. The...
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Kentucky Horsewear Quarter Rug Sold out


  • Medium
  • Large
From Kentucky Horsewear, this all weather quarter rug is ideal for clipped horses and fits perfectly under the saddle. It features a 160g lining and an artificial rabbit skin lining that traps air and further insulates your horse. It has...
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Kentucky Horsewear Horse Rain Coat 25% off


  • Medium (5'9 - 6'3)
  • Large (6'6 - 7'0)
From Kentucky Horsewear, this horse raincoat is 100% waterproof. Ideal for competition days to protect expensive tack. Alternatively can be used over other rugs. Shop the Kentucky Horsewear Range
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