Fly masks and veils

Help protect your horse from flies and midges with these fantastic fly bite prevention products.

Shop ranges from Kentucky Horsewear who offer outstanding quality products using innovative design and fabrics. Kingsland offer classic style items that match their other lines to show an overall stylish look.


Kentucky horsewear fly mask. Free UK delivery
Free Delivery across the UK mainland! The Kentucky fly mask is specially designed in a lycra fabric to combine excellent fit alongside the best possible comfort and protection for your horse.  The snug helps to stop flies sneaking inside the...
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Kentucky horsewear soundless fly veil. Free UK delivery
Free Delivery on UK orders! The Kentucky soundless fly veil is ideal for horses that are sensitive to noise. Neoprene lined ears dramatically dull the noise horses hear. The veil also gives good protection against flies. SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE WITH...
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Kingsland classic fly hat. Free UK delivery


  • One size
Free Delivery across the UK mainland! Get the Kingsland Equestrian look with this stylish crochet cotton and stretch fabric fly hat in navy.  * Stretch fabric on ears * Tree coloured silk rope edge * Small Royal patch on front...
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