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Kentucky horsewear tesa tape. Free UK delivery
Free Delivery on UK orders! Kentucky Horsewear Tesa tape, perfect for securing your bandages or boots when you need a bit more security. Tesa tape is also a fantastic alternative tape when poulticing a hoof. It is easy tear and makes...
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Kentucky Horsewear magnetic stable boot from Equissimo
Free Delivery across the UK mainland! Ideal for treatment of swelling and for horses with chronic arthritis and with tendon problems. Based on the Bekaert BEKINOX® technology, made of BEKINOX® metal fibres woven into the fabric with magnetix technology. This...
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Kentucky horsewear tendon grip gel sock. Free UK delivery
Free Delivery on UK orders! Kentucky horsewear Tendon Grip Gel is made out of a nylon/lycra sleeve that is coated with a high grade mineral oil that moisturizes and protects the skin. Protection and treatment against injury sustained through rubbing,...
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NEW Equine Wear GELCEL boot pad
From NEW Equine Wear this GelCel Pad offers an instant cooling compress of breathable felt, containing gel crystals that activate in water in just a few minutes. Ideal for sports injuries, first aid, medical and surgical applications. Ideal for leg...
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Kentucky Horsewear Tendon Grip Sock
The Kentucky Horsewear Tendon Grip Sock protects your horses legs against boot rubs, scratches, bacteria, fungus or dirt and provides extra support for the tendon. It can also be used to ice a spot that an ice boot can’t reach like a knee or a spot...
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