Being from Yorkshire, we often hear the exclamation of "how much" when we tell someone the price of a pair of breeches, We often also read comments online along the lines of "why would you spend that much on a pair of breeches".

Here we address your concerns and explain why it is worth spending more on breeches and how you may impact your performance if you don't.

1. Technical Fabrics

The equestrian world is starting to catch up with other sports and invest heavily in fabrics and technology research that can improve performance. This research understandably costs money which has to be recouped in the price of the breeches. Manufacturer's are becoming more and more aware that different riders have a wide range of needs in their breeches. That is why you can get breeches targeted to different needs. As an example we have breeches that help you

Stay clean - From Kingsland Equestrian the Katja breeches benefit from dust repellent fabric

Stay cool -  From Mark Todd, the coolmax breeches feature innovative fabric that wick sweat away from your skin

Stay fresh - From Montar, the yati fabric that is made from bamboo contains anti bacterial properties to help your stay sweet smelling even on the hottest days.

2. Comfort

Traditional breeches tend to be quite thick and warm, all equestrians can relate to the pleasure of peeling off a damp pair of breeches from the skin on a hot day. Well it doesn't have to be that way. 

The latest in luxury breeches are incredibly light and thin fabrics (without being see through) The equestrian world is using technology originally designed for skiers and cyslists and ensuring equestrians aren't left behind.

Breeches are no longer made from large pieces of fabric, they can now offer mesh joins at the knees for greater flexibility. The waistbands are made from multiple pieces to allow you to twist and turn.

These training breeches from Kingsland Equestrian are a fantastic example of what features and comfort training breeches can offer.

3. Durability

The old sayings of "you get what you pay for", "false economy" and "buy cheap pay twice" definitely apply to breeches.

Breeches are worn for long periods of time and the constant movement required puts high amount of stress on them. Areas such as the knees and hips can quickly become loose and baggy. This not only looks unattractive but it can be very uncomfortable.

New and technical fabrics contain snap back properties to prevent this happening.

These Montar breeches are made from a new UV fabric which blocks UV rays and contains shape retention technology to keep them looking new for longer.

New fabrics also have features such as

  • anti bobbling
  • anti stain
  • easy wash

Our advice will always be, buy the best breeches you can afford. You won't regret it!

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