Mark Todd Pro Combo Rain Sheet

So I have tested the Mark Todd Pro Combo Rain sheet for a few times and used it to walk down the road in the rain to use our neighbours school, the Rain sheet is designed to keep your horse dry in the rain at shows. And with this typical British weather and the winters we have, this really is a must for every rider that goes out to shows. It is perfect to keep your horse and your tack dry while you wait for your class and it starts to rain which happens to me alot. And the best news for me is that it is Navy – Our Favourite colour! 

It attaches onto the top of the bridle to ensure it stays up to keep your horses neck dry and has straps on the chest and neck to do up along with one which goes under the tummy around the girth.

Top feature;

Stirrup holes – which is great if you wanted to ride in this.

I have not yet ridden in this and I don’t think I will if I am honest as I have my exercise rug for this, I personally feel it would restrict movement in the shoulder if you went above trot. And I’m sure that it is designed for standing at showing and riding in walk only – if I’m completely honest but regardless this is a must have and literally comes with me on every outing out in case it rains. It doesn’t even leave the horsebox.  Due to it being just a rain sheet it is very lightweight and takes up minimal room when you travel.

The fit is very true to size, although if you have a chunky horse, I would suggest get the next size up. Or if you wanted a show rug on underneath to go up another size.

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