Kentucky Horsewear Air Tendon Boots RRP £71

These tendon boots from the Kentucky Horsewear range are ideal for both day to day and competition use.

The boots are highly protective with scientifically developed shock absorption technology, helping to reduce the impact on the lower limb when the horse is working and particularly jumping. The strong outer plastic shell gives you peace of mind against the horse striking into the forelimb with the hind hooves! I have used these boots on horses for both showjumping and cross country (alongside daily use in the school or out hacking) and they are lasting really well and look brand new again after a spin in the washing machine.

The Velcro fastening is super easy to use, with the elasticated straps making these boots great for use on a variety of horses with different amounts of bone, as they can fit snugly on any leg. Although these boots are super protective, the horse’s comfort isn’t at all compromised as the soft padded inner lining prevents any rubbing, and I would happily use these boots on clipped legs without any worry of causing discomfort. A common worry with highly protective boots is that overheating might occur to the tendons.

These boots have a unique ventilation system that prevents overheating, making the boots extremely breathable which is great for when the horses might be wearing them for extended periods of time or during high intensity gallop or jump training. Alongside the many protective benefits of these boots they are also very stylish, in either the black or brown colour. The slightly shiny strike guard along the plantar aspect of the boot really sets the design off again the matt base material. Also, the curved top and bottom edges of the boot look great alongside being designed to minimise any interference with joint flexion.

I would highly recommend these tendon boots, and think that they are very reasonably priced for the quality of product.

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