Sorry to have kept you all waiting 

Wow what a long weekend of travelling 10 hours in total. We literally had a round trip of approx 450 miles (724 kilometres) from the west coat to the east coast and back in less than 48 hours 

As per usual I had totally misjudged the arrival time to the show and literally made it to the arena as it was our turn for the Prelim dressage to music. So it was straight down the centre line for the test without a warm up. Thank god Pie is a very forgiving soul and just got on with the job for an average of 63.70% from three judges for 2nd place.

After an actual warm up it was in for the Novice and after Pie had finished admiring himself in the mirrors and got down to work we scored an overall 64.81% for a respectable 4th place out of 7 combinations.

A short trip in the trailer to our overnight stop at the lovely Fiona Bird's yard before competing in the Petplan Equine Area Festivals Prelim Bronze class.
We hadn't planned on competing in the Area Festivals this year but decided with the evening music gala being on as well it would make the long journey more worthwhile. As far as I am concerned our test was absolutely horrendous and by far the worst we have done for a long time..... I really need to get my act together 
However somehow we managed place 9th out of over 20 competitors with 62.99% which means....... We have QUALIFIED for the Petplan FINALS!!!!

OHHHH my days 
3 crap tests and somehow we still managed to pull it out of the bag!! 

Massive thank you to our lovely followers who were at the show either competing or spectating and made the time to say hello, it was so nice to meet you in person 

Thanks to Equissimo for the Montar UK Breeches and competition shirt, and the The Mark Todd Collection mesh show jacket, it was an absolute godsend in the heat.

And last but not least Supergroom/navigator Emily-mae Cousins as without her I would have definitely missed my first music class and more than likely missed the second one too 

Time for pie and I to have a bit of a break from the long distance competitions for a while and just enjoy the summer. 

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