We had a fabulous lesson with our trainer Gaynor Ranshaw where we attempted the Canter halfpass (a movement in medium level tests) and I must say our right one wasn't half bad..... The left however, now that's a different story. 🙈
We can't be perfect at everything straight away and as it was only our second attempt at riding these I was very pleased with how they went overall.
I mean for a traditional cob (especially mine) to be doing a movement like this is a miracle in itself 😳

Other positives from the lesson:-
🔹Our simple changes are becoming much more simple 😊
🔸The canter is beginning to feel more uphill and established.
🔹I'm not flapping about like a chicken anymore which must mean we're more in tune with each other and the aids. Yay

I preach to all my pupils that it's so important even out of a bad session to find something positive out of the ride, no matter how small.
That way when you are feeling like you are getting nowhere in your riding you can look back at them and see how far you have come. I've started writing something down each day in my journal that has been positive to try and keep my mindset on the right track. 😁 😁 😁
Does anyone else do something similar???


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