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Let’s talk Kingsland …

I’ve been a lost soul, floating in the sea of mediocre brands and materials, searching for the perfect pair of Jodhpurs. I’ve tried so many that it’s become a daunting prospect to buy a new pair. That was until, I received my first pair of Kingsland Karen breeches through the post.

Being a curvy girl, tight fitting trousers are one of the most soul destroying and painful things to buy but nonetheless suitably necessary for horse riding. So you can imagine by surprise when I received a pair of breeches from Equissimo, in my actual size, not a size larger, not 3 sizes larger, to find that they fit me perfectly.

I’ve always skirted away from hip riders and bought high waisted jods, for fear that my love handles may escape the very seams. So I was slightly concerned when I realised the style of these breeches, but you’ll be glad to know that not a lumpy bumpy love handle has been sighted since receiving them.

Their thick elastic waist band combined with the beautiful panel stitching on the breeches creates an overall flattering style, because, come on, when you’re wearing trousers this tight, you wanna look good eh?

Kingsland Breeches Review

But let’s move away from the fit of these breeches and go to the really important bit, how do they ride?

I can honestly say that in the last two weeks these breeches have become a second skin to me. They’re light, breathable, and exceptionally flexible. Foot in the stirrup, right leg over the back, sit and GO! No need to spend five minutes faffing about with your trousers while your overly exuberant horse dances the best Piaffe that you’ve never managed to capture in the sand school.

Let’s get to the delicate bit, the price tag. I have spent all kinds of money on jodhpurs from numerous different brands over my years in the equestrian circuit. The thing that I have come to realise is that it pays to choose quality over a low price tag.

If you aren’t sold yet, I will raise you one more… These Jodhpurs are waterproof! Available as the Katja Kingsland breeches, they are the same beautiful design. Water slides right off, perfect for those unexpected hacking showers.

As equestrians, we’re all aware of the difference in good leather and cheap synthetic leathers, so why should our jodhpurs be any different?

As soon as you get these trousers out of the package you can feel the quality and see it in the colouring. The attention to detail in their stitching to the complimentary Kingsland key ring attached to the belt loop.

Kingsland jodhpurs are an investment for the future.

I’ve already started putting money in the jar for a pair of Kingsland white competition breeches, I’ll let you know how we get on.

Kingsland Breeches Review

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