House of Montar Breeches RRP £114

The first thing that struck me when I took my Montar breeches out of the packet was the gorgeous colour! The Bordeaux colour is so on trend at the moment, and I’m so excited to be able to take that colour onto the yard and into the saddle. I’ve always been a fan of the more traditional breeches – high waisted with a proper zip and fastening, and I was worried that these breeches would feel too much like leggings for my liking. Well, how wrong I was!

These breeches feel supportive yet offer complete freedom in and out of the saddle. The full silicone seat is on the less sticky side compared to other full seat silicone breeches that I have tried, but I mean this in a good way. They offer that little bit of extra glue when it’s needed, without leaving you feeling stuck in the saddle. I very much like to move around in the saddle to change my balance, and these breeches allow that with ease.

They have cuffs at the ankle, so the age old problem of itchy Velcro has been taken away. They would be perfect for the taller rider, as they are generous in the leg length. Whilst they do not have a traditional pocket, they have a small pocket at the back which is big enough for keys or a small mobile phone and doesn’t interfere and dig in during your ride.

The branding on these breeches comes in the form of embroidery down the right thigh, which is subtle enough to still be smart whilst letting everyone know exactly which brand you are wearing. The silicone seat is also made up of tiny ‘montar’ words.

I honestly feel like these breeches are perfect for those who prefer a more ‘traditional’ fitting breech but with the added comfort of a legging style breech. They truly are versatile breeches, and I find them comfy enough to practice yoga in!

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