Kingsland Classic Crown Gloves - RRP - £55

When competing I like to have gloves that not only look smart and professional, but also that fit like a second skin, so that it doesn’t interfere with my test riding at all – it’s never fun to have to adjust your gloves part way through a test, it knocks your focus, and sometimes make you lose your stride! And that’s what my old competition gloves felt like… they didn’t fit snugly, and would constantly move and feel like I had something between my fingers and my gloves – I was constantly adjusting them in the warm up, and when it started happening during my test, I realised that I needed to look for a new pair!

I looked at a lot of different brands, I spoke to some of my #TeamEquissimo team mates who have a pair, and asked what they liked about the gloves, and the response was pretty unanimous “they are snug but like a second skin snug, and they don’t restrict you at all!” which was music to my ears! I’m not normally one to spend over £35 on gloves, but so far, the ones that I had bought hadn’t been what I was looking for, so I bit the bullet and bought a pair for competition!

They arrived in time for my next outing, and I loved them! Not only did they fit as snug as a bug, but they were comfortable to the point that I didn’t really feel like I was wearing a pair of gloves. The material has a multi directional stretch, which enables the freedom of movement of my hands whilst riding and doesn’t restrict me in any way at all – they truly are the most comfortable gloves I have ever ridden in, and gave me confidence as they looked amazing too!

These gloves are exceptional to wear and ride in and do everything they say on the tin. In fact, they go above and beyond what it says on the tin; As far as I am aware, they aren’t advertised as touchscreen but an added bonus is that they work very well with my phone, especially when I wanted to take some selfies at the show! 😉

So, in summary:

Would I recommend these gloves? Absolutely, 100%, they are super stretchy, lightweight and comfortable to wear whilst riding – we all hate bulky gloves where you feel you end up with just as much glove in your hand as rein - they are also durable unlike other gloves, and come up sparkling white after each wash.

What do I love about these gloves? Everything!! As I said they fit as snug as possible whilst not restricting any movement, which is exactly what I look for in a glove! Plus they are extremely eye catching in a classy professional way – which gave me a little confidence boost that I do belong in the ring!

Are the Gloves Value for money?  My honest answer is YES!! I would happily spend the money again to buy a second pair… in fact I already have as I have just ordered a pair in Black so that I have a pair to ride in everyday! Honestly, I wouldn’t look at another brand of glove again. The old saying of buying cheap will cost you more in the long run – well in my experience that is true – hence I won’t be buying cheap again!

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