Kingsland Classic Rain Jacket RRP £38

This jacket has been an absolute life saver over the past couple of weeks, thanks to our great British Weather!!

Being around horses everyday coats can very quickly get dirty and smelly and need washing on a regular basis. This means none of my horsey coats are waterproof and I often end up having to change my coat between each horse and am left constantly damp.

The jacket is waterproof with a contrast coloured zipper and is unisex – meaning anyone can wear it. I particularly love that the jacket isn’t fabric like other coats so doesn’t get smelly or dirty. If you do manage to get it dirty, just give it a quick rinse with a hose pipe, hang it up to dry and its clean again.

I’ve trialled the jacket in several different scenarios and can honestly say it has stood up to the test and kept me dry EVERY time – even at the beach in gale force winds and torrential rain!

The jacket comes in a variety of sizes - sizes 8 (XXS) all the way up to an 18 (XL). I ordered a Small which is rather large on me (I’m never good at buying the right size clothes). Having revisited the sizing I now realise it’s a 12, which isn’t a problem during the colder months as it means I have plenty of room to layer up.

This jacket is only £38.00 and comes with complimentary free delivery…. BARGAIN!!


Is this jacket value for money? I 100% believe this coat is value for money, I just need to find some matching breeches or over trousers now!

My favourite thing about this jacket? I love that the jacket is super lightweight, waterproof and is easy to keep clean.

Would I recommend this jacket? Yes 100% - I think everyone needs one of these jackets for general yard duties and is also perfect to throw over your show jacket at a competition.

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