Magic Brush RRP from £8.00

The magic brush is what it says – Magic! I didn’t have one of these in my tack box until Equissimo sent me one, and boy do I wish I had one sooner!

So far I have used it for grooming – it’s super for getting rid of dried mud and general dirt and dust, my pet hate is dried mud on faces and legs, and with the wet warm wet weather my horses are doing good impressions of wallowing hippos so it’s been a life saver!

I’ve also given it a go when it’s come to bath time. I’ve used it both with and without shampoo, and its worked well either way! Of course a little shampoo is always going to beat water alone, but this has made a full bath with shampoo so much quicker, I literally wet the coat, blobbed a bit of shampoo on the brush and gently massage it in all over and then rinse. Leaving me with one super clean gleaming pony in just one wash! Now having a grey horse means there is nearly always at least one poo stain to deal with, and this brush has been amazing for that. I think it might be just a horsey person thing but I’m ALWAYS running late, I’ve now discover all I need to do is wet the brush and scrub a little and the poo stain comes out! Hallepoojah! No more panic baths praying that he dries in the lorry on the way to where ever we are going!

Finally you know that pesky hair the glues itself to the underside of the saddle cloth? Well it gets rid of that too, now I’m wondering what else I can de-fluff! Magic brush is getting a 10/10 from me.

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