Montar Slogan T Shirt RRP £34.00

I will start this review off by simply stating I am a huge fan of these t-shirts. If you follow my social media accounts I think it’s quite apparent I am now a massive fan of the Montar range (since joining #TeamEquissimo). 

The t-shirts are stylish enough to wear both in the saddle and out of the saddle.

There are so many different slogans to choose from – my favourite has to be “smooth horses never made skilled riders”. This is a very appropriate slogan for my horses as none of them are straight forwards, but the rewards are far greater when things actually come right. 

“Horses before guys”, my husband would definitely have to agree with this (ops!), maybe slightly less appropriate now I’m married but great from the singletons out there, ha-ha. 

“All I need is WIFI, Food, and My Horse” is also another favourite of mine, although I do feel it’s missing the “Gin” to make it 100% accurate.

I love the bold colours of these t-shirts (although they are not all bold, you can choose from more discreet colours), and comes in a range of sizes XS (8) – XL (16).

The quality is second to none and having washed the t-shirts many times, I can honestly say they stand up to the test. These t-shirts in my opinion are great value for money at just £34.00.

As a little extra – I would recommend purchasing the Montar Alexa Tights to wear with the t-shirts to finish off the look. Exceptional quality and super stylish. 


Are the t-shirts value for money? Yes, the quality is great and they are super stylish.

 My favourite thing about the t-shirt? The different slogans that are available and they are great to wear as a casual t-shirt, you don’t need to be riding to wear them!

 Would I recommend these t-shirts? Yes 100%.

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