June 2019 I attended a 10 mile ride for life, I’ve managed to raise over £1,000 towards cancer research UK, while having an amazing time at the same time.

I set a target off £500 to hit to raise, and I was very sceptical if I would even reach that, let alone double it! So, I am so delighted, grateful, and overwhelmed by the support I’ve had from friends, family and supports that helped me achieve this!

So where do we start, at the beginning of course, I went to grab Bailey in from the field, and guess what! He was nowhere to be seen, he was completely hiding from me, he must of newt, because when I found him, he would walk away from me – which is not like him at all! The morning was already very warm and we were very lucky to have an early start time, I started off by making his hooves all pink and glittery before we headed off😊 which left some lovely unicorn prints behind, then we loaded up and set off.

We arrived, and it was so amazing to see so much pink, and the amount of effort everyone went! We parked up next to a Pink portaloo – yes you heard PINK! Signed in and started to pink-a-fy Bailey, and Willy (yes the other horses name is Willy which I found highly amusing) Bailey turned into a Pink leopard, with upside down cancer ribbons.

Ride for life

Hopped on and off we set, we kept it very calm as it was very hot, the ground was very hard so I had to be cautious of what I ask of him because of his barefoot toes, and we were out in the sun most of the time. We popped all the jumps, had some great giggles, and canters. We must have been about ¾ of the way and it was already 33degress, but all I could think was my bum! Oh gosh did it ache by this point! By what kept us going was the Amazing views like nothing else, was just so peaceful calm and relaxing.

Overall it took us around 2 hours 45min it is something I would really recommend doing and will be looking out for other rides and trails as it was great fun and something different to do than competing or training.

Since this Bailey’s walk has really improved and is a lot more active and forward going, I think this was more because Willy has such an active fast walk it really helped Bailey to open up.

Ride for life