In about 2 and a half weeks we are off to the British Riding Clubs National Show Jumping Championships in Lincoln, it's all incredibly exciting but I think the person Most Excited is Ali's owner Brian

Brian and Ali That Sassy Arab

Brian is the transporter to all our shows, the best groom around, flapjack supplier,chief treat giver and at times installs unnecessary nerves into me a few seconds before a round 🙈 with sayings like 'Ali won't jump that', 'Ali won't like that', 'Ali might have you off at the fence'.

You can hear him in every recording of me and Ali, cheering us on or swearing because Ali is acting up.
He watches us in all weathers, and won't give a show a miss even if it's raining.
Ali has never travelled out of Cornwall, or jumped rounds the height we jump, so just qualifying is a huge achievement.

He so is thankful for the sponsorship support from Vicky Spinal-Therapy, she's an absolute godsend, making sure Ali is always feeling in tiptop condition.
Also the support from Equissimo for kitting us out in some gorgeous competition gear and the constant recognition for our achievements, and thank you to Laura Mary Art for sharing our successes around the internet

We hope to do our best to make Brian the proudest horse owner ever

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