Being a horse rider, you know things don't always go to plan.

We went training today, only over 90-1.10 fences as a last minute confidence boost for Champs next weekend.
Ali had other ideas and decided he didn't want to play today, so now we are going with my confidence knocked 🙈

Today Ali took a dislike to 1 of the spreads which was nothing bigger than we've already jumped, the only thing I think he didn't like about it. It's that there weren't enough poles or a filler to make it look more solid ... or he was just being sassy.
We managed to keep the poles up... but not in the way we intended 

I genuinely believe it was my Tech Stirrups Athena Showjumping Stirrups that kept me in my saddle today, else I would've been splat on the fence! The grip on them is fantastic... even when stopping at speed!!

Just a slight change of position of one pole made him realise it's actually not that scary and he flew it at 1.10 🌟

Zoe and Ali in Tech Stirrups pre BRC champs training

We've worked hard as a partnership, and it's taken a while to get used to one another, hopefully our silly day today will be forgotten by Saturday and we will jump like we have done previously in the season 🖤

Zoe and Ali Showjumping in their Tech Stirrups

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