Ok so is it normal to feel chuffed even though you got eliminated?!

Today we attempted a derby at Colraine EC which had the most perfect weather today ☀️

We did the first class as we still don’t know each other that well and with over 18 jumping efforts to contend with I decided that would be the class most suited for us.

Winnie was rather keen and very forward going but didn’t particularly want to jump out of the arena from sand to grass at jump 6 but she then jumped from stand still and rolled a pole so we got 4 faults there. We carried on through the devils dyke and then back on sand for a couple more fences. We were then again faced with another fence (fence 10) from sand to grass which we took 3 attempts at before getting over.

Then it was up hill over another upright before the dreaded bank! Winnie wasn’t too thrilled about going down but after a couple of looks and a sniff she slowly went down it, we were then faced with an upright with a water tray right at the bottom of the bank which unfortunately got us eliminated.

All in all that little unicorn tried her heart out and the things she said ‘no’ too were genuine questions that I wasn’t quick enough to give an answer too.

Thank you L.W Equestrian Events for a very well ran show!

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